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Engage in fierce fighting on the picturesque Italian coast or in the hot desert of Arabia. Rediscover the classic Battlefield gameplay through a campaign full of adventure, or team up with players and take part in multiplayer battles for up to 64 soldiers. Discover the origins of modern warfare where the old world was destroyed to make way for a new world. Use vehicles and innovative and modern arsenal from the First World War as you battle on land, at sea and in the air.

Leave your mark on the battlefield with our new destruction system: create real craters in the ground with your artillery strikes or destroy walls with bullets. Discover a brutal and frightening world, a world at war and take part in the biggest battle and dynamic of the history of Battlefield.

New episode for the popular FPS franchise, and after several years of contemporary conflicts, Battlefield 1 immerses players in the First World War. This episode will offer a single player campaign and multiplayer mode on varied and destructible maps. Enlist as Battlefield Insider to receive in-game rewards, exclusive content, and more. Available October 21, 2016 on Xbox One, Origin PC and PlayStation 4.